Co-Investigator (UACA) – Dr Helen Freshwater

Dr Helen Freshwater is a Reader in Theatre and Performance at the University of Newcastle. She is fascinated by audiences: by assumptions about their responses; by the way in which they recall and represent their experiences; and by the methodological issues that arise when scholars attempt to get to know them better. Her publications include Theatre & Audience and Theatre Censorship in Britain: Silencing, Censure and Suppression (both Palgrave Macmillan, 2009). Her next monograph, provisionally titled Performing Childhood, focuses on major twenty-first century British theatre productions and ‘megamusicals’, and the responses to these global theatre events. It presents analysis of the popular appeal of the child performer and the way that they – and the forms of childhood they embody – are styled for cultural export and consumption.

Dr Freshwater is Co-Investigator on the SPARC project, Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts.

You can find Dr Freshwater’s Newcastle profile here.