New article on “audience exchange”

SPARC is happy to announce the publication of a new article by Prof. Stephanie Pitts (SPARC Director) and Dr Jonathan Gross in the online journal Arts and the Market:  “ ‘Audience exchange’: cultivating peer-to-peer dialogue at unfamiliar arts events”

The paper demonstrates the usefulness of the “audience exchange” approach for audience development and research, and highlights the insights offered by peer-to-peer dialogue in understanding experiences of unfamiliar arts. It shows the ways in which conversations about arts events can enrich audience experience, and how participants use exploratory and emotional language to articulate their understanding of unfamiliar arts events.

The research in this article forms part of a pilot study that is now contributing to our larger, AHRC funded project, Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts (UACA).

A full citation and a link to the article can be found here:

Stephanie Pitts, Jonathan Gross, (2017) ““Audience exchange”: cultivating peer-to-peer dialogue at unfamiliar arts events”, Arts and the Market, Vol. 7 Issue: 1, pp.65-79