New collaboration with Making Music

An exciting first meeting today with Barbara Eifler and Xenia Davis from Making Music, planning our new project on exploring the value of amateur music-making to its surrounding communities. Working alongside Deborah Chadbourn and the Classical Sheffield network, this research aims to go beyond articulating the benefits of musical participation for those who belong to amateur groups, and to look more widely at the difference it makes to a city, town or village if there is music-making taking place there. We’ll be exploring the idea of ‘cultural citizenship’, which emerged during SPARC’s research with Birmingham arts audiences last year (see Jonathan Gross and Stephanie Pitts’ article in Participations, 2016), and so supporting Making Music’s aim of ‘helping amateur music flourish’.Β  The University of Sheffield has provided some start-up funding through its Arts Enterprise scheme, and we’re looking forward to getting started, beginning with the launch of an online survey for Making Music member groups in November.